For the times when the generic slathering of Vaseline on the lips is really not enough, this scrub provides gentle exfoliation that rivals the ludicrously expensive products on the market. Read on! 

  • Grab the sugar! White granulated sugar is more abrasive. Brown sugar is softer. Caster sugar is finer so use for sensitive lips. (Not entirely sure if ‘sensitive lips’ is a known problem, but lets roll with it!)
  • After you’ve taken your sugar of choice, add to a small pea size amount of Vaseline or petroleum jelly and mix. The sugar acts as an exfoliator whilst the Vaseline moisturises.


  • Gently apply and scrub the mixture onto your lips in a circular motion for best results – it will lift off dead skin cells on the surface to reveal the soft, smooth layer underneath.
  • Wipe away the lips (don’t try to lick it off and consume as you will fail. Miserably. This is literally the only downside to this trick). If in need for a more deep cleansing, again, gently use your toothbrush in a circular motion. This also promotes blood flow to the lips surface – bigger, bolder lips will come your way!
  • Apply lip balm and you’re ready to go!

I do this once (or twice if the bitter cold consumes me) a week so a batch is not needed – it’s easy enough and doesn’t take 2 seconds. This step is crucial for when you want to apply lipstick and lip liner. It creates a smooth canvas for the product to adhere to, reducing feathering and makes for an easy application!

ig: @jeeennt



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  2. Very nice! I do something very similar that I posted about on my own blog, I just swap the Vaseline for honey. Makes it a bit messier but cleaning up isn’t too bad because it’s edible haha. I still use Vaseline as a follow up after exfoliating, their little Lip Therapy minis are the best for super dry lips.


    • Yeah you could swap the Vaseline out for nearly anything to make a lip scrub it’s great ^^ the honey sugar combo is pretty tasty too! And I’ll have to try make the peanut butter cookies sometime! x


  3. This is an amazing hack! Although, I did purchase a £2 apricot lip scrub from wilkinsons the other day and its perfect!xx


    • Hm after a quick little google search, it seems that Vaseline is good to go to be applied onto the face! However, do be prepared for that sort of sticky after sheen and a LOT of effort to take all of the Vaseline off. I would try it on the jawline to see how the skin reacts to it – try not to scrub too harshly as the large, rough sugar crystals may irritate the skin but Vaseline claims that their product is non pore clogging.


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